Who We Are

COVID-19 UPDATE. In response to this recent pandemic, we are offering delivery services to help you build ecological resilience in your own backyard. Pre-made perennial plant gardens (guilds) and veggie starter kits come with soil amendments, mulch, and all the guidance you need to get started. We are also offering phone consultation services. Now more than ever is the time to think about building resilient local food systems and supporting ecosystem health with native pollinator plants. We are here to support you and our planet in these unprecedented times.

We are a modern micro-farm, bringing food production and ecological resilience into the heart of Niwot. Our practice is rooted in permaculture, respect for nature, and love of place. Enjoy fresh produce from your backyard and neighborhood, explore opportunities to learn and engage, and help build a more sustainable world from the ground up with eco-friendly landscaping.

Want to get involved?

You can spend your whole life travelling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can make it in your own backyard.” – Khang Kijarro Nyugen

Veggie Starter Kit

Get all the materials you need to start your vegetable garden delivered to your door with instructions and a garden plan! You choose from a variety of organic warm and cool season vegetables designed in units of 4 x 8′ (typical raised bed). We will bring you compost, soil amendments, mulch, seed, and plant starts. Contact us to request an order form.

Ready-Made Gardens

A guild is a collection of plants that work well together. Our edible and native guilds are carefully designed to bloom all season, produce food, support pollinators, and thrive with minimal water and maintenance. We offer do-it-yourself and full installation services. Grow your own food and support native wildlife by planting a guild!


Transform your yard into a place of abundance that supports people, pollinators, soil, and wildlife. We can help you grow your own food, compost, keep chickens, and create beautiful low-maintenance landscapes full of native, xeric, and edible plants. We offer custom design, installation, consultation, and maintenance.

We proudly source our plants from Harlequin’s Gardens because we love what they stand for–native, xeric, and edible plants that support people and pollinators.