Who We Are

We are no longer taking on new projects for 2021/2022.

We are a landscaping company committed to building ecological resilience in Boulder County. Our practice is rooted in permaculture, respect for nature, and love of place. Enjoy fresh produce from your backyard and neighborhood, explore opportunities to learn and connect, and help build a more sustainable world from the ground up with eco-friendly landscaping.

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You can spend your whole life travelling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can make it in your own backyard.” – Khang Kijarro Nyugen

FLARP Gardens

Have your garden and eat it too! Our FLARP gardens are carefully designed to be Food-Producing, Low-Maintenance, Attractive, Resilient, and Pollinator-Supporting.


The ultimate low-maintenance landscape. Bring the prairie back to suburbia with this colorful collection of native wildflowers and grasses–low water, abundant forage, enduring beauty.


Transform your yard into a place of abundance that supports people, pollinators, soil, and wildlife. We offer custom design, installation, and consultation.

We proudly source our plants from Harlequin’s Gardens because we love what they stand for–native, xeric, and edible plants that support people and pollinators.