About Us

You can spend your whole life travelling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can make it in your own backyard.” – Khang Kijarro Nyugen

Our Landscapes Are…



We design landscapes that support our local ecology–wildlife, pollinators, and soil. All of our maintenance is beyond organic. We focus on building ecosystem health rather than treating symptoms.


We are part of our ecology–let’s design our spaces to feed us at the same time as they feed our ecology.

Low Maintenance

Design your landscape so, like an ecosystem, it supports itself. Our landscapes are low water, recycle nutrients, and rely on plant diversity to discourage weeds and pests. We select plants well adapted to this region so they require minimal care.

Low Cost

Like nature, we look to our neighbors for the resources we need–whether those resources are cardboard, leaf mulch, or wood chips. That means we keep costs down and community involvement up.

Community Minded

A neighborhood is an ecosystem. Let’s work together to transform our community by sharing resources, knowledge, and space. 

Let’s grow something together.

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