Our Vision

It is time for us to tell a new story about what suburbia could be.


Native grass meadows in our open space.

Food forests lining our sidewalks.

Xeriscaping that captures the essence of Colorado.

Neighborhood chickens rotating from one backyard to the next, managing pests, fertilizing gardens, and laying nutrient dense eggs.

Waste transformed into wealth, as we gather cardboard, compost, leaf litter, and wood chips and use them to build rich soil in our neighborhood. 

Community gatherings to share knowledge, stories, and the bounty of our backyards.

An inter-connected, bountiful ecosystem that supports people, pollinators, wildlife, and soil health.

Did you know that lawn is America’s biggest crop? Lawn requires labor, water, and fertilizer to thrive. Imagine how much food we could produce without more resources than we are already using.

Did you know that only 50% of Colorado’s short grass prairie is intact? We can conserve this fragile ecosystem in our own backyards.

Have you seen The Biggest Little Farm? 250 acres is a lot for one couple to manage. Niwot has 2500 acres. Imagine what we can do together.

Let’s grow something.


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