FLARP Collection

Preview our FLARP collection here! More detailed information and pricing are available on request or after your initial consultation.

Good Old Fashioned

A collection of common perennial fruits and herbs sure to appeal to any palette. Centered around the fruit tree of your choice with an understory of berries, rhubarb, fennel, perennial onions, and other colorful herbs and flowers.

Full Sun
Moderate Water
Minimum Square Footage: 320 sq ft
Ideal for small spaces or raised beds, this mini-guild packs a punch of color, aroma, and sweetness with compact berry bushes and common culinary herbs.

Full Sun
Moderate Water
Minimum Space Requirement: 64 sq ft

Bison Chow

An extremely tough guild full of food plants that mimic a prairie community. Includes perennial wheat paired with Native American staples and medicinals, including prairie turnip, banana yucca, prickly pear cactus, three-leaf sumac, and dwarf goldenrod. Well suited to replication over a large area.

Full Sun
Very Low Water
Minimum Square Footage: 80 sq ft


Shady Lane

A unique solution for shady gardens, ideal for light to part shade under an established tree. Sweet currants with a collection of shade tolerant herbs and an optional chocolate vine.

Part Sun
Low Water
Minimum Square Footage: 100 sq ft
High and Dry

Taste the impossible – a drought resilient food forest! A combination of tough favorites like rhubarb, horseradish, and sage with a few off-the-beaten path fruits like goji berries, sea buckthorn, and wild plum.

Full Sun
Low Water
Minimum Space Requirement: 230 sq ft
Ditch It

Well-suited to a drainage, depression, or rain garden, this mostly-native plant community is adapted to flooding and drought. It includes edibles like serviceberry, lovage, wild licorice, Maximillian sunflowers, milkweed, swamp verbena, and asparagus.

Full Sun to Light Shade
Moisture/Drought Tolerant
Minimum Square Footage: 162 sq ft




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