What’s a FLARP?

FLARP Gardens are pre-made assemblies of plants selected for diversity, productivity, and beauty. FLARP gardens can be installed in new and existing landscapes of varying sizes and conditions, with DIY and full install and maintenance options. We have several FLARP gardens to choose from! Preview the options here.



A bountiful combination of fruits, nuts, perennial herbs and vegetables, and edible flowers.


Carefully designed to save water, keep pests in check, and out-compete weeds.


Full season bloom, diverse color and texture, all the hallmarks of a traditional ornamental landscape -with benefits!


Contribute to climate solutions by recycling local resources, eating local, sequestering carbon, and improving soil health.


A diverse array of full-season, organically grown blooms to support honeybees, native bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and more.

How does it work?

Contact Us to arrange a free 15-minute site visit. We will answer your initial questions, suggest which FLARPs are best suited to your site, and follow up with a customizable order form and detailed information about what to expect.

FLARPS are delivered and planted in spring and fall. Order your FLARP by August 1st for Fall 2020 delivery.

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