A guild is a collection of plants that work well together. We use guilds to create low-maintenance, beautiful landscapes that supply food, medicine, and ecosystem health.

Like human communities, plant communities thrive with diversity. Our guilds are carefully designed with the following features in mind:

Niche. A combination of bulbs, groundcovers, perennials, shrubs, trees, and vines create a full, naturalistic landscape that supports abundant life and discourages weeds.

Roots. A variety of root systems (taproot, shallow, deep, bulb, etc…) means that roots draw from different parts of the soil, supporting soil life and avoiding competition.

Bloom Time. From early spring to late fall, something is always blooming, to feed the pollinators and provide beauty all year long.

Plant Family. Different plant families attract different pests and require different nutrients, which breaks up the pest buffet and restores natural balance.

Plant Functions. Each plant has a function in the guild, whether that is attracting beneficial insects, fixing nitrogen, deterring pests, or providing living mulch.

Yield. All our guilds are designed to serve humans as well as the greater ecology by providing beauty, food, and medicine.

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