Who We Aren't

We are a modern micro-farm, bringing farming and ecological resilience into the heart of Niwot. Our practice is rooted in permaculture, respect for nature, and love of place. Enjoy fresh produce from your backyard and neighborhood, explore opportunities to learn and engage, and help build a more sustainable world from the ground up.

Want to get involved?

You can spend your whole life travelling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can make it in your own backyard.” – Khang Kijarro Nyugen

Edible Gardens

Let us grow food for you in your backyard! We are experts at installing and managing vegetable gardens, perennial fruits, nuts, and herbs, small-scale grains, and chickens. We can also connect you with our favorite bee-keeper if you’d like your own honey. Share extra produce through our Community CSA.

Community CSA

Sign up for fresh produce weekly! Our CSA relies on green space, provided by HOAs and landowners in Niwot, to grow vegetables, fruits, and grains to feed our community. Our farmers are high school interns learning hands-on how to run a small business and grow food.


Help support Niwot’s agricultural and ecological well-being. We will design, install, and maintain native and xeric ornamental gardens that support pollinators, soil health, and wildlife. Help make suburbia an extension of our ecosystem.

Want to Grow With Us?

We proudly source our plants from Harlequin’s Gardens because we love what they stand for–native, xeric, and edible plants that support people and pollinators.

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