How Does It Work?

We have options depending on the size of your landscape and your goals & needs!

By Plugs

Start your landscape by grass & wildflower plugs for the fastest results & least up-front maintenance. Best suited to smaller landscapes and higher budgets.

Mix of Plugs & Seed

A good middle ground, with clumps of wildflower plugs for quick color, filled in with seed that will mature in delightful ways over the years.

By Seed

The most cost effective way to approach large landscapes, it is a delight to watch the landscape fill out and mature in a spontaneous, organic way. Weed management is crucial.

Maintenance Plans

We highly recommend setting up a graduated maintenance plan to make sure your prairie gets off to a good start! Our prairie experts can help identify weeds vs. natives, monitor germination & soil moisture, & re-seed as necessary for Year One (or longer if you’d like). Ask us about plans & pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the best time of year to plant my micro-prairie? Early spring and fall are the best times to install a micro-prairie, but preparation can begin at any time of year!
  2. How long will it take for my landscape to mature? Prairie meadows typically take three years to fill out to a point where they smother out weeds and self-sustain. You will enjoy the evolution of different prairie grasses & wildflowers as the landscape matures.
  3. What sort of irrigation do I need? The best option is to add riser extensions to a typical lawn irrigation system to help get the prairie established. Once it is established, you will not need to water (except in the case of severe drought). Occasional watering will promote more wildflower bloom. We can work with other irrigation set-ups to help get your prairie off to a good start!

Let’s grow something together.

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