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Okay, so you are wondering what a historical fiction novel is doing on a landscaping website? Well, for me, landscaping and interpreting local history are about the same thing–connecting more deeply with the place we inhabit. Maybe you’ll feel the same way…

Between Grass and Hay is the first book in the series They Came to Stay. In subsequent books, Amy will move both forward and back in time to explore wider issues of settlement in Longmont–from the tragic build up to the Sand Creek Massacre to the ongoing troubles with watering and settling the “Great American Desert.”

The Chicago-Colorado Colony is an experiment in industry, temperance, and morality.

Burlington is still reeling from the bloody murder that put its town on the map.

One winter day in 1871, their fates collide. Burlington’s residents will have to decide if they can put the past behind them and tackle the improbable task of supporting an agricultural colony on the periphery of the Great American Desert.

The personal dramas entangled in this venture will both make and break the budding colony. Will Terrasina Merrill, dedicated schoolteacher, sacrifice her independence to marry a persistent former student? Will Alonzo Allen, on the verge of adolescence, step out from under the shadow of his formidable mother? Caught in a tug of war between domestic duty and ambition, which will Fred Beckwith choose?

In this tapestry of lives woven over the arid Colorado prairie, we get a glimpse into the complicated stories of ordinary people and how they coalesce into something that is still here today—Longmont.

Available in store at Inkberry Books in Niwot.

Meet the author and learn more about the book in this three-minute video!

About the Author

Amy Scanes-Wolfe was born in South Africa but moved to Longmont when she was four years old. Back then, it was still known as “cow town.” And Amy loved it; as a child, she diligently milked her rubber glove “cow” and dreamed of growing up to be a pioneer. But it took leaving for Amy to fully appreciate the unique history and ecology of her hometown. With a background in cultural anthropology, farming, and historical interpretation, Amy has always been committed to building deep relationships with the places we inhabit. She believes the first step to building a resilient future is connecting with our past.

Amy works as a permaculture landscaper, homesteader, and teacher and at Harlequins Gardens Nursery in Boulder, Colorado.

Stay tuned for Industry, Temperance, and Morality – sequel to Between Grass and Hay. It is in editing phase right now and should be released by Winter 2021.

Amy welcomes any questions, feedback, thoughts, or connections! You can email her at to get in touch.

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